Lending Banks with Bad Registry

Banks that give credit to those who have broken records, credit to those with broken records, credit to bad bank records, information about withdrawing credit with bad records are included in the continuation of our article. Nowadays, in order to work with banks , first of all, your credit registry ( KKB ) should be high and stable. However, there are banks that give credit to those with a broken record and banks that give credit to those with low credit ratings . So you do not have to worry if your credit rating is low and your record in banks is broken.

In this article, we will present our list of banks that give credit to those who have broken records . In this way, no matter how bad your credit record, no matter how low your credit grade will be able to use credit and get rid of your debts. Previously, when the credit record was broken and blacklisted loans were given, the BRSA would punish the lending banks and the banks would not approach them. But the situation has changed, but what are the banks that give loans to those on the black list?

Is it possible to withdraw credit to those with a broken record?


In order to claim a loan from any bank, you must first meet certain requirements. The most important factor in determining these conditions is your credit history and your record against banks. Those who pay their debts regularly and close them on time will be able to get credit easily. However, it is a little more difficult for people with broken records to get credit. Even if there are banks that give credit to those who are under legal follow-up in our country, the loan demand of a person who has initiated a legal process will probably be rejected. However, those who go to credit restructuring, pay their debts and have broken records can benefit from bank loans.

Lending Banks List

Lending Banks List

There are numerous public and private organizations serving the banking sector in Turkey. The surplus of banks and extended credit facilities paved the way for people with broken records to receive loans. Many people who say that they want to get bad credit can also benefit from this competitive environment in the banking sector. Almost all banks are able to provide loans for persons with a broken record. 

You are expected to meet certain requirements in order to receive the loan amount that suits your needs easily. Especially credit rating, bank registry, income status and so on. many important factors are very important for obtaining credit. The legal regulations in the area of ​​services as a result of credit extended and held in Turkey in recent times more and more people in front of the bank lending have been opened. In this respect , banks that provide credit facilities to blacklisted people have emerged and offer various credit supports for people with broken records. Credit rating; is the most decisive factor for an individual who wants to attract credit.

The bank may refuse your loan by requesting additional information and documents immediately after the loan application . In order to prevent this, you must take an income statement with you when you apply for a loan. Taking a clear payroll from where you work will greatly increase the likelihood of the loan being approved. However, remember that even if these conditions are met, your credit limit is up to $ 100,000 . You can also get more loans if you have any real estate.

If your income information is insufficient and the bank still does not approve your loan, he or she may ask you for a guarantor . If you show a guarantor to the bank and the record of that guarantor is good in banks, your credit may be approved no matter how bad your record is. While these are not definite information, they are fully interpreted and the working policies of each bank may vary. It will be the most reasonable method for you to search the bank before you apply . If your credit rating is low, you can also read our article called Credit to Low Credit .

What is the Ideal Credit Rating for a Loan?

What is the Ideal <a href=Credit Rating for a Loan?” />

The main reason for the low level of credit rating is the lack of registry against banks. Your history with banks determines whether the credit range is sufficient to attract credit. Risk groups and ideal levels for credit rating;

As determined. It differs in your credit withdrawal process according to your credit rating. For example; if you have a risky and low credit rating; guarantor, collateral etc. applications, and your credit process may be delayed. Persons with a bad record and a low credit score can also withdraw credit by showing a long investigation and sufficient collaterals.

How can a blacklisted person with a broken record withdraw credit?


  • Income Information (Salary Payroll)
  • Warrantee (if the bank wishes)
  • Additional guarantees (if required by the Bank)
  • Maximum 100.000 TL application

If you can meet the conditions mentioned above and you have these facilities, you can use credit from banks even if your credit record is broken. Banks can give you credit through these guarantees. All of these current credit on your existing credit rating, as well as by questioning your credit score, which banks would also talk with bank employees. Don’t decide for yourself that your credit rating is low, leave it to bank employees. 

  • Regular repayment of bank debt
  • If the debt is closed within the specified time
  • If there is no legal follow-up, your credit score will be high.

In this case, you can withdraw any amount of credit. However, for those with a low credit rating, the process is more challenging and varies according to the credit rating. It is also possible to increase the credit rating. For this, your relations with banks and your debt repayment status are very determinative.

Who Should Do For Obtaining Credit?


Credit rating and bank record are the most important elements for you to easily withdraw credit. You can apply for a loan according to the conditions set by the banks. For this, banks usually ask you;

  • Guarantor
  • Additional collateral
  • Mortgage
  • Income status and so on.

You are expected to meet the elements. Most of the time, low-volume loans are granted only to people with broken records if they can provide such conditions. In particular, the guarantor and collaterals will help you greatly in obtaining credit. It should be kept in mind that blacklisted, badly registered people will have to follow a difficult process to get credit .