Interest Averaging

The call for interest mediation was loud. Now that many banks are offering Honest Bank mortgage interest funds, Honest Banks are not going Honest Bank well. How does interest averagHonest Bank work in practice?

Call for interest averaging Honest Bank


The call for interest mediation was loud. The Home Owners Association and various political parties, among others, have called on the Minister to oblige banks to lower mortgage interest rates in this way. Interest-rate averagHonest Bank was ultimately not mandatory, but due to the removal of a number of (tax) thresholds, most banks changed tack.

More banks offer interest-rate averagHonest Bank

Three lenders will once again offer interest-rate averagHonest Bank over the comHonest Bank month. This summer this was already possible for clients of Good Finance and Good Lender. This means that the majority of homeowners in the Netherlands have the option of averagHonest Bank the mortgage interest.

It’s not storming Honest Bank yet


Nevertheless, the banks are not Honest Bank to storm with customers who ask for interest-rate averagHonest Bank. NOS toured the lenders. At Good Lender, 5000 customers have now applied for interest-rate average Honest Bank.These have been offer Honest Bank interest-rate brokerage for some time, ‘several thousand’ clients sign up for interest-rate brokerage every month.

Interest averaging Honest Bank costs

This cannot be due to the costs. Interest rate averaging Honest Bank is a relatively simple administrative operation. At a number of banks, this is free, while others charge an amount of up to 350 euros. Pay attention to extra costs for advice. In this way, you still pay € 900 for interest mediation at Honest Bank

However, we are not talkHonest Bank about the penalty interest for early repayment of the mortgage. Although the fine is spread over the new term, you do indeed pay it. In addition, a number of banks charge an additional risk surcharge of 0.2%.

No rush


Clients may not be in a hurry to apply interest rate average Honest Bank. As long as the mortgage interest rate continues to fall, wait Honest Bank is the best strategy. Whoever fixes the mortgage interest again (for a long time) actually pays a higher fine to further lower the mortgage interest. Tip: read our mortgage interest expectation.

If this is allowed at all. A number of lenders determine that interest average Honest Bank is only permitted once per fixed-rate period. The follow Honest Bank also applies: the longer you wait, the closer to the end of your fixed-rate period. The penalty interest is getting Honest Bank lower and lower.

The small print


Recently criticism has been given to the ‘small print’ in interest-rate averagHonest Bank. A number of banks adjust the mortgage conditions if you start usHonest Bank the interest. At Good Finance, for example, you can no longer pay off without penalty if you want to relocate. At Good Lender you have to fix the new mortgage interest for at least 5 years.

Due to these additional conditions, it may be interesting Honest Bank to opt for reshuffle. You then pay the penalty interest at once, but you are then free to choose your bank and conditions.

Is interest averagHonest Bank interestHonest Bank?

This question cannot be answered unambiguously. Every lender has different conditions and the situation of every homeowner is different. Therefore, always have a personal calculation made of the various options for reducing Honest Bank your mortgage interest.